Private Sessions – for dancers, singers, actors, speakers

These sessions are coachings for performing artists that work with a dancing body or/and voice on stage. It’s for you if you seek to improve your skills to use a full voice and highly present body while enjoying (yes, enjoying!) facing the audience.

They are designed individually and according to the different needs of the student. From Vocal release techniques for singers or speakers and learning songs, to practicing Dance Improvisation and presence under the influence of being watched, there is a wide range of tools we will work with.

I’m using breath work, release techniques for voice and body, vocal as well as dance improvisation, hands-on-work, imagery and different spaces that create different growing possibilities.

Tryout Session: 60 min, 45 €
Regular Session: 60 min, 60 €
4 Sessions Package: 195 €

For a Tryout Session and more information please feel free to contact me: // 0176.62098240